Thursday, December 8, 2016

Enable and use external USB bluetooth 4.0 dongle on Ubuntu 14.04

Here is how you can use your external USB bluetooth 4.0 dongle in Ubuntu, even if you have an in-built bluetooth device. My in-built one is buggy, so I bought CSR8510 A10 USB bluetooth for cheap, and using it with my wireless headset.

Steps for manual connection:

# Step 1: Find alias for my adapter
sudo hciconfig
# hci1: {stuff} (this is the new one)
# hci0: {stuff} (built-in)

# Step 2: Discover available devices
bt-adapter -a hci1 -d
# {bd mac}

# Step 3: Bind bluetooth device
bt-device -a hci1 -c {bd mac}

# Step 4: Connect audio device
bt-audio -a hci1 -c {bd mac}
Worked like a charm for me.  Got it from here: