Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Use your browser to install packages on your ubuntu (using apt: or http://appnr.com)

In Ubuntu, you can install packages in many ways. You can either use command line instructions in terminal or you can use the synaptic package manager for adding/removing packages.

There’s another way! You can do so from your web browser (like firefox etc.). Just visit http://appnr.com and here you’ll find all the necessary softwares, categorized according to need. Just click on the software you need, it will be installed to your system. Sounds easy? It really is!

Well, there’s another way! You can directly install any package with the help of your browser. On the address bar, write apt: and then the name of the software you want. For example, suppose you want to install VLC medial player; then write apt:vlc. Then it’ll be installed. It seems little bit like the command line, but it’s far easier as long as you know the package name. This particular feature is available in all the versions following ubuntu 7.10.

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