Friday, January 15, 2010

How to install bangla unicode fonts in Ubuntu

You want to install Bangla(bengali) unicode fonts in your ubuntu?

It's not a big deal. Just follow the steps bellow, hopefully your Ubuntu will be embellished with the beautiful Bangla(Bengali) language.

Way 1
Simple n easy! Use the Synaptic Package Manager to search for fonts and install your desired font once you found it. Anyway, you normally don't get bangla fonts here. So you better take "way 2".

Way 2
1. In the top of your screen, in the upside menu, click on 'Places'.
2. Go to 'Home Folder'.
3. As dot-folders are really hidden folders, you need to choose "Show Hidden Files" from the View menu.
4. Make a new folder and name it ".fonts"
5. Now put your desired Bangla (Bengali) unicode font in the ".font" folder.
6. Reboot your computer to make it in effect.
7. Done!! :D

Thanks for reading it. Can you see bangla font correctly now? Please leave a message as a feedback.

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